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Ultrasonic Fuel Tank Level Sensor

Ultrasonic Fuel Tank Level Sensor - Equitrol/Thincke
The Ultrasonic Fuel Tank Level Sensor is a device used to monitor the fuel level in Truck Fuel Tanks or Generators.

  • Anti fuel theft for vehicle, Perfect Solution to Prevent Fuel Theft, Diesel Tank, etc..
  • Non-invasive level measurement.
  • Suitable for various types of fuel tanks.
  • Available in Android and iOS Mobile App.
  • The sensor is attached to the bottom of the fuel tank by magnets.
Ultrasonic Fuel Tank Level Sensor solves the problem of how to measure the remaining liquid level of Fuel Tank:

The external type liquid level gauge uses sonar ranging principle, uses the special probe outside the container wall to collect ultrasonic signal, takes the special ultrasonic processing technology as the system core, uses the advanced high-speed signal processing technology, uses the special algorithm to accurately calculate the liquid level in the Fuel tank.

The calculated liquid level value is displayed locally and the remote signal is output.

The device can output the measurement results to the control system throughRS232, RS-485, and other interfaces. At the same time, the data can also be sent through wireless transmission to the Internet through BLE, GPRS, and NBIOT.

When measuring the liquid level, the ultrasonic signal is emitted from the probe, and the echo signal is detected by the probe after reflecting back from the liquid surface. It truly realizes external non-contact measurement of liquid level.

The echo signal is processed by a proprietary algorithm to calculate the time, and the system calculates the liquid level height according to the formula.

Ultrasonic Fuel Tank Level Sensor - Equitrol/Thincke

Technical specifications

Maximum depth 1.5m
Minimum depth 3m
Absolute accuracy 3m
Relative accuracy 1 mm
External power supply 9-36 V
Internal battery 3.7 V, 1000 mAh
Maximum depth 1.5m
Waterproofing IP67
Signal output RS485, CAN, GPRS, Wireless Output is Optional

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